American History 1500 word essay

6 topics to choose from the rubric. 
Must be written in APA format. 

Essay Directions and Questions. Essay due by Wednesday, 11:55pm
Your essay should provide an answer and evidence to prove your answer (main idea or thesis) to one of the sets of questions below.
Essay Questions:
1. What problems did the “police state” (for example, Prohibition, immigration restriction and censorship) create in the United States, during the 1920s? How did a “consumer society” resolve these problems, during the 1930s onward?
2. How did totalitarianism and democracy influence the course of the Cold War? 
3. How did ideas of nationalism and internationalism change from the era of Reconstruction to the end of the Cold War in the United States?
4. How did the politics of the Cold War intersect with the politics of the civil rights movement?
5. What is the Cold War (1917-1991)? Discuss its cultural, economic, political, religious, and social dimensions.
6. Discuss the political, economic, religious and social demensions of the Civil Rights and/or Black Nationalist movements.
[Note here are some themes to ponder as you begin to brainstorm. Consider the failures and successes of Wilsonianism (that is, making the world safe for democracy post-1921); the affects of the Great Depression on cultural, economic, political and/or social ways in the US; how did the threat of totalitarianism change the cultural, economic, political and/or social ways of the US; how did atomic weapons change US relations with the world; consider the various strategies used by civil rights activists; how did civil rights (non-violence) relate or not to black nationalism; how did the Korean and Vietnam wars affect the United States; how did the Cold War change US immigration policies; what was the new left and new right; consider what changed in the US during the 1960s and 1970s and/or what remained the same.]
The essay must be 1500 to 1800 words long(roughly 5-6 pages if you have 1” margins, 12 font, Times New Roman, and double-spaced). Essays less than 1500 words receive an entire letter grade deduction.

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American History 1500 word essay
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Essay Rubric

1.    The essay does not state in the introduction the five or more primary documents the student will use to prove his thesis. -5pts.
2.    The essay has no clear thesis statement in the introduction. -10pts.
3.    The essay contains 5 or less spelling errors and/or grammatical mistakes. -5pts.
4.    The essay contains 6 or more spelling errors and/or grammatical mistakes. -10pts.
5.    The essay refers to less than five primary documents. -5pts
6.    The essay refers to no primary documents. -10pts
7.    The essay does not have a conclusion. -5pts
8.    The essay does not have an introduction. -5pts
9.    The essay is not divided into paragraphs (with specific main ideas that function as sub-main ideas of the thesis statement). -5pts
10.    The essay does not have a title. -5pts
11.    The essay does not have the appropriate style, font, and/or margins. -5pts
12.    The essay is plagiarized. -100pts

I can deduct points for other problems I may encounter in your essays. But the rubric above provides you a rough idea of what I expect.
Review the detailed Turnitin instructions on how to submit your assignments and how to review the Grademark comments (feedback) from your professor.


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