American Foreign Relations before 1913

The American Foreign Relations also referred to as the foreign policy of the United States of America is the adopted policies that the country uses in its interaction with other countries. As of now, the United States is the most influential country in the world on the basis that it is the only remaining superpower after the collapse of the Soviet Union which led to the end of the Cold War.

As of now, the economy of the United States is the world largest and this helps the country in its global outreach. The country nowadays has set is foreign policies agendas and objectives as the creation of a world which is more secure, democratic and economically powerful of the benefit of the American citizens as well as the international community (Gardner, 1984).

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American Foreign Relations before 1913
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During the Bush administration, the American country has been faced by many international threats and enemies. This is because the administration is thought to have overstepped its foreign relations especially in the country’s quest to bring about world peace and democracy to all nations around the world.
However, it is important to relate to the historical overview of the United States of America from the time it gained independence to the beginning of the First World War (John, 1935).
From 1776 to 1898
The United States gained its independence from Britain in the year 1776 and this was brought about by the American Revolution. It is important to note that from that time, America began its relations with some of the superpowers of Europe at that time, key among them being France.
However, from the time of American Revolution to the time of Spanish-American War, the United States foreign relations focused mainly in the regional relations rather the international relations (Engerman, 2000).
During the American Revolution, the United States of America developed ties with major European powers at that time. This was necessary because it main rival and colonizer, Britain was a very powerful force at that time. The United States could not have defeated Britain without the help of some powerful countries.
This was the reason that necessitated America to establish ties with Spain, Netherlands and France and it is important to note that the country needed the countries for their intervention in its war with Britain[1]. Britain at that time was a mutual enemy of the three European countries and the United States as well.
The intervention of these three countries saw to it that America attained its independence and also assumed the status of a sovereign state (Gardner, 1984).
After its war with Britain, the United States also continued to cultivate its ties with Britain and this was enhanced by the signing of the Olive Branch Policy. The United States made various efforts to restore peace and also resume its important trade with Britain. French having contributed so much in the American Revolution was also not left out of the picture.
To this end, the United States continued its relations with the French Republic and an important evidence to this is the French presentation of the Statue of Liberty to the United States in the year 1886 (Foner, 1970).
[1]          Gilbert, Felix. To the Farewell Address: Ideas of Early American Foreign Policy. Princeton, N.J., (1961): 236 – 267


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