Alliances of Ww1

Intro- Throughout history there has been many conflicts between groups of people that have threatened peace in many nations and regions. One of these conflicts was world war 1 which involved many countries that sided with one another against each other. There were many causes to this conflict that started all the fighting between the nations. Each country has their own view on who’s fault it was and if it was handled correctly. This war only caused many casualties and economic problems for countries which could of easily been avoided. 1st paragraph –
Alliances were a major cause of the conflicts between countries in WW1 The original disagreement was between Serbia and Austria-Hungry over the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand. A Serb terrorist group were the ones to kill Ferdinand even though Austria-Hungry assumed it was the Serbian government who did the assassination. Austria asked Germany if they would back then up in a war if they fought Serbia. This was the start to all of the alliances in Europe. Then Russia told Serbia that they would back them up in war which now 4 countries are involved in the war.
The sides ended up with Austria, Germany, and Italy called that central powers. Then they were fighting against the allied powers formed of Great Britain, France, Russia, And the U. S. All of the alliances ended up making this war bigger then many excepted it to be. Also have a reason for countries to build up their army so that they will win the war. Great Britain said that they would make their navy two times stronger then any navy in the world. At the same time the Germans were building up their own army on land. Once they started the war it was almost forgotten what had started the war and why they were fighting.

Countries that had nothing to do with Austria and Serbia’s disagreement were joining the war just for the chance if winning and gaining more colonies. If the battle only stayed between the Austrians and the Serbs much of this could have been avoided. 2nd paragraph There are many was that you can look at how the the war was played out. One view point of the war was Germany’s and its strange how they thought about the war. At the end of the war the Germans were obviously loosing and there was no way of getting out of it. Although at the same time Woodrow Wilson had thought up the 14 points.
These were rules / laws to what would happen once the war was over. Some of it stated that no one would be called the “loser” of the war. Germany was obviously happy with this because now they just got out of loosing a war badly. Also it stated everyone would lose their colonies and no one would have anymore. This was also great for Germany because they were going to lose their colonies either way, but now that other countries lose them also thats a little better. All the countries got together to discuss about the 14 points and other things forming the treaty of Versailles.
Once they started discussing about the treaty it did not look good for Germany. In the treat it says Germany will get its colonies taken away and given to France and Great Britain. They were unhappy cause the 14 points said no one has colonies. The treaty also made Germany pay war reparations to many of the countries with great loss. The Germans did not have much money after the war to begin with and now are forced to pay money to nations who fought against them. Finally Germany had to take blame for all of WW1 which was a bit extreme the Germans thought.
There are many countries that contributed to WW1 and to put all the blame on Germany’s shoulders did not seem right to them. That was the biggest upset to the Germans that they were blamed for the war even though they did the same thing as the other countries in the war. 3rd paragraph – In war there are 2 different stories to the side of the war. Great Britain in the war was going against the Germans and their view point was different. Britain were the ones winning the war before it was ended. The U. S. joined in at the end securing the victory for the allied powers.
Woodrow Wilson brought his idea of the 14 points to Europe which Great Britain disliked. They did not like the 14 points because they would not be given credit for wining the war. Great Britain believed that since they won the war the credit should go to them, it would only be fair. Under the 14 points it also say’s that there will be no more colonies. Great Britain was excepting more colonies for them since they had won the war. This is a surprise to Britain and did not like the ideas that Woodrow Wilson had came up with.
When they treaty of versailles was composed the laws were very different. Germany was blamed for the war which was implying that Germany were the losers of the war. The treaty was also intended to take away colonies except Great Britain and France were able to keep their own. This was because they were the ones composing the treaty and made it good for themselves. It turned out that since Great Britain was such a major power in Europe that they made the rules. They were the ones making the decisions at the resolution of WW1. 4th-pargraph
At the end of WW1 many countries were still uneasy with the outcome of the war. The treat to end the war was called the treaty of Versailles and this decided how the end of the war would be concluded. The conflict between the countries was definitely not resolved, there were many countries dissatisfied after the war ended. Many of these countries were upset because of how the treaty of Versailles was made up. The only two countries satisfied with the treaty were Great Britain and France because they decided what would be in it.
For a fair treaty you should have all of the countries that would be involved in the meeting. Leaving nations such as Germany out of the meeting causes them to get angry and most likely disobey the treaty. If all countries were allowed to attend the meeting and speak their own opinion. This war could have been settled in a more organized fashion that would have avoid any countries being agervated. I do not think this war was resolved, but easily could have if the right choices were made during makeing the treaty of Versailles.
Conclusion – History has had its many conflicts between groups of people that have disagreed with each other . The conflicts of world war 1 which we’re mainly caused by alliances nations made with one another. Many reasons lead to the fighting of world war 1 . At the end of the war if the treaty that settled the fighting was fair less countries would still be unhappy . Once World War 1 ended the death and destruction that came about was incredible , all could have been avoided with more precautions.

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Alliances of Ww1
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