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Crop Circles are our most mysterious phenomena of our modern age. Are they a communication from alien beings or from humans? Governments have discussed the crop circles and have confused the population by misinformation through the control and the manipulation of the popular media. The military have also endangered their life and safety in order to investigate and monitor each crop circle, and yet they deny all involvement. Hollywood has manipulated the truth and credibility of scientific evidence and facts and yet people become even more intrigued.

Some believe crop circles are man-made created by hoaxers who set out to confuse and muddy researched facts, the same way computer virus’s seek attention and attempt to contaminate researched data. Others believe crop circles are a source of communication by aliens. The crop circles can be seen as mankind’s view of human passion and its vulnerability or a condensed version of humanity’s egos, anger, and peace. However, you might interpret crop circles, there is no denying the profound effect it has on mankind these past decades. 2Crop circles first appeared in the fields of Southern England, in the mid 70’s

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early crop circles appeared simple in fields of wheat, oat and barley. The circles were flattened, the corn stalks bent and flattened however not broken. Whiltshire County is considered the center of this phenomenon. The county is home to some sacred Neolith sites in Europe, built as far back as 4,6000, including Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, as well as burial grounds such as West Kennet Long Barrow. When the crop circles gained momentum formations were also found in Australia, South Africa, China, Russia, and other countries most notably in close
Order#31117860 Alien Crop Circles Pg. 2 proximity of ancient sacred sites as well as the fields of Southern England. In 1991, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley stepped forward to claim responsibility for the crop circles over the past 20 years, which began the battle between artists and other world believers. Known as the Circlemakers, they consider their practice an art. Lundberg estimates there are three or four dedicated crop circle operating in the United Kingdom today. To combat the theory that the crop circles were carved out by mini-whirlwinds
crop artists were compelled to create more elaborate designs with straight lines to show that the circles are not a natural phenomenon and are man-made. 4 Opposing this theory are people who believe crop circles were created by aliens and not by humans. This belief is considered as not plausible and to be used to write science fiction stories. However, there is something to the formations of the crop circles that may show that it could be plausible of alien designs. First of all there is meteorite dust, magnetite, which comes from outer space. Secondly, are the usual
substances found in crop circles, which are not found on Earth. Thirdly, there have been crop circles that appear very extraterrestrial such as the one that appeared in August 2001, in which the formation was in the shape of a face and the computers binary code. 3The first crop circle formation was in the shape of a human face, which is reminiscent of the Face on Mars. The second crop circle formation is a clear indication of alien design. British crop circle researcher and computer programmer, Paul Vigay, examined and analyzed the formation and cracked the code of its design.
The design is an image of a slightly changed binary code sent into space by NASA in 1978. Order#31117860 Alien Crop Circles Pg. 3 This transmission occurred at the huge Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico. A radio telescope was found next to the field at Chilbolton as well. This alien crop circle is formed like a binary code, with dots of standing crop and dots of flattened crops. It is said the image was adapted, as if the aliens circle makers replied to our own transmission from 1978. Earth’s message contained information from our planet, its space in our solar
system, our humanity, population density, our DNA, our decimal system, our most chemical element of life on our planet, and information about how we sent the message into space by means of radio telescope in Puerto Rico. The messages structure in the crop formation was identical, however the exact information differed from the changes in answer, and the content of the message disturbed researchers. First of our decimal system is unchanged. The first change was found in the basic chemical elements of life on Earth. NASA, in the original message had hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulphur.
These elements were copied in the answer, however but one element was added: the element of 14, silicon. This discovery disturbed researchers for most of the unusual substances were found in crop circles are silicon compounds. Another difference in the answer was DNA information. Our DNA contains two strings, where the DNA in the answer clearly consists of three strings. Also the information about the number of nucleotides in the DNA has been changed. More proof of crop circles are created by aliens is the information in the formations about Earth’s
solar system, humanity, and population density. The answer grants us a view into another world. Order#31117860 Alien Crop Circles Pg. 4 6 On Thursday August 15, 2002, an image of a human being is in place by the image of another being. A humanoid is shown complete with a trunk, arms, legs, and a head, however the proportions of the humanoid are different. The head is large with marked eyes. This is contrary to the original image of a human being, which the eyes are not, marked. In other words the human has large eyes in a large head and the height of the
creature according to the answer is only one meter, the height of the average human had been recorded in the original NASA message as 1. 78 m. All information shows a striking similarity with the Grey Aliens, according to eyewitness- have been visiting our planet for several centuries. 5 So, depending on what you believe, these two theories need each other to thrive in our imagination. Because without the mystery of a fantastic, otherworldly theory real or imagined, would anyone still pay attention? – Works Cited- 3WWW. circularsite. com/feiten-eng.
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