African American History Journal #1


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African American History Journal #1
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In this course, you will complete a series of History Journal entries, which you will submit twice during the term. Refer to the Assignments and Course Schedule on Syllabus Page 2 for due dates.

Journal #1

  • In this first journal activity, you may write about any topic(s) of your choice, but it is best to use the textbook to study.
  • For this activity, topics should address content covered in Chapters 1-13 in the textbook.
  • It is expected that, at a minimum, you are reading the assigned textbook chapters.
  • You are encouraged to read collateral historical writings on topics covered in the textbook.
  • This activity will consist of 5 separate journal entries; you will have a total of 10 entries by the end of the course.

Each separate entry should:

  • contain a minimum of 120 words.
  • consist of a summary, paraphrase, and synthesis of material you are reading/studying in this course.
  • be written in your own words – do not quote the work of others verbatim.
  • discuss the subject matter that you are studying – do not simply agree/disagree.

Your study involves, first and foremost, learning the nation’s past; doing so requires a review of previously published studies, so you are encouraged to conduct research using outside resources, but be sure to draft your journal entries in your own words.

Do not forget your MLA formatting and at the very least, a citation to the textbook


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