Advertisement Analysis: job for keen young school leavers

1) The advertisement uses a few methods to attract people to the job. In the add it is mentioned that they are looking for “keen young school leavers”, as there are many school graduates who are looking for a job, especially a job where the “starting pay is BD 5,000 rising to BD 9,000”. In the ad it is also mentioned that “opportunities for promotion are available”.
2) A flexible candidate would be needed to fill the job in Awali hospital as well as any hospital, because constant attention is needed so that the patients can receive the best treatment possible. the technician would be needed to ‘hook up’ or fix medical and other types of equipment, like x-ray machines or even light bulbs.
3) We had in mind many options for publishing the ad. We thought about putting the ad in certain jobs magazines but after conducting a small questionnaire sometime in the past we found that the Gulf Daily News was the most read newspaper, and was read by many students which was the target audience.

4) We asked the applicants to write an application form as well as sending a supporting letter to show how much the applicant actually wants the job and also to analyse the applicant’s English ability and standard.
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5) A formal interview s not sufficient to test all the wanted information, that’s why we chose to test the applicants, we can also design the test to test them on anything we feel we want to test them on.
6) We issue a set of terms and conditions to our staff beforehand to guarantee that they fully understand the hospital policy and can take into account some of the benefits such as “sickness benefit scheme” which will be an added bonus. Moreover, employees know how many days holiday they get in a year and no more than what we have specially agreed on.
7) Our employees have joined a union which exists to represent and protect the interests of the their members, and to give advice and information on a whole range of issues such as:
pay, pension, sick pay, conditions, holidays, hours, redundancies, training, health and safety and changes in the working practices.
The big advantage for a worker is that a union can take part in “collective bargaining” this is when the union signifies the employee and offers to negotiate with the employer, discussing any unresolved issues in the workplace.
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8) We emphasize our principles of equal opportunities in our advert to aim and give all individuals identical rights and opportunities regardless of who they are. In addition, we needed to follow the Sex and Discrimination Act which helps prevent any sex discrimination in the work place. We also follow the Race Relations Act that was passed in 1976 under this act no one should be discriminated against their race. We also follow the Disability Discrimination Act which was passed in 1995 overall, we believe in equal rights therefore we will take anyone, any race, any sex, whether disabled or not as long as they are dedicated to the job.

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Advertisement Analysis: job for keen young school leavers
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