Admissions MBA

I can vividly remember how happy I am to do trade-ins with my friends and siblings when I am still a kid. Every time I like something which my friends or siblings have, I try to convey them to trade in to what I have. With small and simple talks, I able to make them compromise to what I have offered. Unknowingly, that simple gesture already foretold of what I would be like when I become an adult which is to do business.

I am a graduate of computer science and hold a master’s degree in the aforementioned course but the interest that I have with MBA has never subsided. I am very much interested in MBA with concentration in Management.

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Admissions MBA
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MBA or Master of Business Administration is everyone’s dream. It is an achievement for an individual to finish this master’s degree. I have a number of reasons why I want to do an MBA.
It is basically for my self-improvement however I have five reasons that are on my top list. First thing is, I firmly believe that MBA program would allow me to have further studies that would enhance my knowledge and skills related to the field of my specialization; thus, it will get me updated to any recent buzz related to this field.
Secondly, MBA offers a lot of opportunities especially we are in this modern and competitive world where everyone must has its own edge to cope the competition; thus it is an edge for me if I have an MBA. Thirdly, MBA ensures excellence and eminence business education that equips individuals to be competitive and perform tasks efficiently.
The fourth one is it gives me more opportunities to be exposed to different subjects such as economics, international business, marketing, finance and etc. that I don’t learn in my previous studies and I have the chance to concentrate on my chosen area of specialization.
The last one would be, MBA does not only equip me academically but it would change my perspectives in life through the rigid training and studies that I will be going through.


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