Additional Marketing Strategies

Harley-Davidson continues to grow up to this day as one of the best motorcycle company, if not the best. Their charisma has influenced millions of people in search of a statement to their lives when purchasing a Harley bike. This proved to be an excellent choice that, even women nowadays are beginning to like the products of Harley-Davidson; may it be the accessories they are after or the bike itself; It just goes to show that the financial background of Harley would do well combined with its excellent marketing strategies and tactics on how to penetrate the market.
Nowadays, they even extend their sales to financial services; the same marketing strategies of the car companies of the United States. The Harley-Davidson, Inc. has proved that they have excellent marketing strategies up to date; the only recommendation for this would be to continue the market penetration schemes that they have. They have absolutely no problem in the marketing part of their product. The only problem they have would be of the financial origin; the solution to this would be to maximize the use of their available resources to minimize debts, since this may affect the way investors may view them.
Another point top explore for the company is the establishment of company ties with other producers like that of Zongshen in China. It was proven as a fact that Harley-Davidson strengthened its grasp of the Asian market through the help of the Chinese manufacturer; it would also be a good deal if they further the strength of their grasp in the Asian market by establishing ties with the producers in other Asian countries that have excellent demand for motorcycles like Indonesia. Further penetration of the European Countries may not be a problem.

They have penetrated some of its markets and they should just study the market preferences and adjust the products to the demand of the market in order for them to be fully adopted by the markets in Europe. However, to fully influence young riders in US and Europe, they would have to think of establishing another separate community for them so that they may be enticed to buy the motorcycles and be a part of that community. Coping with the Dilemmas Harley-Davidson could cope better with the aging baby-boomer generation if they would be able to market the concept to the current generation.
Since the baby-boomers were the main target market of the company, they should be able to present the concept to the young riders in such a way that they would be able to adopt it. Achieving the Ultimate Goal And finally, Harley-Davidson would be able to achieve their goal of increasing sales to 400,000 units by 2007 if they would adopt other marketing strategies such as promotions by the media and other marketing strategies aside form the ones they practice now. Adding more promotions for a product may increase their sales, although it may entail as an additional cost.
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Additional Marketing Strategies
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