Accident Rates

More than 60 per cent of road accidents that occur between 10 p. M. And 6 a. M. Are because of drunken driving. A death occurs every 4 minutes on Indian Roads. According to Decca Chronicle, Karakas ranks 3rd in the list of Top 5 states with highest road accidents. More than 60% of road accidents occur because of drunken driving. Decca Chronicle – Karakas ranks 3rd- Top states with highest roads accidents Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, You as you know are traffic policemen (and women) and we are your senior police officials.
Today we are here to discuss an issue of grave importance to each one of us – A new Promotion Policy. Here is an eye opener for the entire Bangers traffic police force. And we hope this sensitizes each one of us to the bigger picture. A death occurs every 4 minutes on Indian Roads. Highest road accidents. In the last three years, we have booked around 35 lake cases for various traffic violations such as reckless driving, drunken driving, over speeding, driving without license, driving on no-entry roads, Jumping signals and haphazard 10 p. M. And 6 a. M. E because of drunken driving. As you can see in the Table, the Total no. Of Reported road accidents in Bangers has gone down considerably and yet, Vainglorious do not feel safe on the road. During my interactions with a few of you, I got the sense that beyond the minimum required no. Of cases to be booked every month, very few of you take the initiative of booking additional road offenses. We have been facing a lot of criticism from a leading newspaper that claims that 30% of road offenses go unreported. We realized that this is the main reason behind the facts as they hold.
And so, to reward those of you who do your Job diligently, (and I am sure most of you already belong to that bracket), we have devised a new policy. We will follow a quarterly appraisal policy wherein each quarter, the 3 officers who book the maximum number of cases will be awarded a Badge of Honor. This badge will signify your commitment to duty, pride and honor towards your department, city and people and education to work. In addition to this, these three people will also be a part of an exclusive Topper’s Club which we hope will keep growing every quarter.

This club will provide you the opportunity to interact with high achievers from the entire country during the Bi Annual National Meetings and let your family reap benefits for your hard work in the form of fully sponsored family vacations. And finally, at the time of promotions the most hard working of you all will be preferred. The no. Of badges each of you has will stand testimony to this fact. The one with the highest no. Of badges will be promoted as and when the vacancies arise. And now, I’d like you to have a look at this:

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Accident Rates
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