Academic Qualification!

Since a very early age we all have been told to give our academics a lot of importance because our academics are what will ensure you succeed in life. We all can remeber our parents yelling at us for a bad grade in school and made sure we perform better next time. In truth success is an arbitary term(very subjective) and differs from person to person and field to field. One could take as the economic success as the touchstone to which a person is labelled successful in life overlooking his/her other failure such as health, divorce and inefficiency, etc.
To others overcoming obstacle and challenges irrespective of what someone earns and the nature of the personal life proves thier success. So who is a successful person and who is a failure? Do school and college grades provide a way to ensure success? Isn’t it true that drop-outs like Bill Gates and Richard Branson have become the most successful and inspirational icons today? And should we consider the millions of un -educated people in the world to be failures in life? There are various points to show otherwise that academic qualification does not ensure success.
Sure academic qualification is necessary but that would get you only so far, beyond that point various other factors play and important role. Success isn’t about getting grades and degrees, if that was true then why aren’t all the graduates from Havard, Oxford and Cambridge uniformly successful? The rule of success lies in hard work and well a little bit of luck(destiny). If an engineering student gets good grades and gets a job but is not practically effective and not good at problem-solving effectively he wont get very far and will soon fade out. Unfortunately the world has changed the concept of success.

It has become a rat-race where every student chases grades and therefore the entire perception of success and prosperity had changed. Rather than studying to reach our full potential, we study because we think its necessary for a successful career. We spend ten-years in school and a few more at college to educate ourself and then a couple of years looking and hunting for jobs and even after finding it people tend to be un-satisfied and at the wrong profession.
And then at times of crisis such as recession when wealth is scares due to the not-so-responsible decisions of CEOs people are worried about their job and he perception of success changes, if you are able to stay away from the pink-slip(or keep your job) you are successful. To conclude i would like to say that academic qualifications are necessary but not to the level most people make it out to be. Academic qualification ensure a more rounded experience to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, skills necessary to be successful . Hard work, determination, resiliance and your destiny ofcousre play an equally important role in ensuring ‘SUCCESS’.

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Academic Qualification!
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