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art 1: Topic and Outline (due at the end of Module 1)

Natural scientists have often been confronted with ethical dilemmas as they make the connection between pure research and human application of the research. From our reading and our discussions, you should have a better idea of what constitutes a true ethical dilemma and how to analyze critically and examine these issues 

You must select a topic from those provided below:

  1. Physician assisted suicide (you can look at this within the U.S. or the world or contrast and compare)
  2. Hydro fracturing for natural gas (conflict between energy needs and dangers to water, health and environment)
  3. Nuclear energy (trade-off between the energy needed and the danger of exposure in disasters and/or the disposal of the waste)
  4. Waste disposal, recycling, and pollution (examine the ocean gyres of plastics, the disposal of electronics world wide—the cost/benefit of recycling and is it only developed countries who can afford to do this?)
  5. Human population growth (is human population growing out of control? Can it be controlled, should it be controlled, by whom and how?)
  6. Drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (energy needs vs. protection of an irreplaceable habitat)
  7. Climate change refugees (people who have been displaced by environmental changes that make their current homes unsafe or uninhabitable)
  8. Developed countries’ disproportionate use of natural resources (contain less than 10% of the world’s population yet consume over 25% of the natural resources, now emerging economies may tip the balance too far? Who should get what?)
  9. Fresh water use decisions in the U.S. West (limited fresh water supplies to support growing population and agricultural demand, environmental stress cannot be sustained)
  10. Over-use/misuse of antibiotics in animal feed for agriculture and over-use by humans leads to drug-resistant organisms.
  11. Micro-plastic pollution in oceans and/or fresh water. (Recent studies on U.S. Great Lakes, unintended consequences of health and beauty products)
  12. Animal testing of medications, medical devices and health/beauty products
  13. Drug and medical research in underdeveloped countries
  14. Practicing “defensive medicine.” the cost and unintended consequences (multiple perspectives here, physicians, insurance companies, the patient and the U.S. economy)

Outline Requirements:

  1. A clearly identified topic from the list above
  2. A clear, precise research question around the topic (see example below)
  3. A 100 word description of why the topic is an ethical issue, who is impacted and how
  4. An outline that includes an:
    1. Introduction
    2. First perspective on the ethical debate (Ex: Bats are problematic because they can spread diseases) with at least one reference in complete APA style for this perspective as a start on collecting your sources
    3. Second perspective, same detail needed as in 2 (Ex: Bats are beneficial because they eat bugs that might spread disease), and at least one reference in complete APA style for this perspective as a start on collecting your sources
    4. YOUR analysis and conclusion based on these two perspectives


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