This assignment will serve as an introduction for that final project. In this unit, you are required to do the following: 
1) Provide a brief summary about your knowledge concerning computer applications in the field of criminal justice prior to enrolling in this course. Describe the technology used in the field of which you are aware, and include the level of experience you have with each (your degree of proficiency with that technology). 
2) Provide a brief overview of the additional knowledge you have gained as a result of working through this unit. o Be sure to include specific references to assigned readings and incorporate information from additional peer reviewed scholarly journals
3) These peer-reviewed journals can only be accessed through an Online Library. If you need assistance locating peer-reviewed articles, please contact the library team. When searching for an article, be sure to place a check in the “Peer reviewed” box, and use the search tool to find the most recent scholarship published that pertains to your specific criteria. o You may use dissertations and conference papers but not blogs, magazines, newspapers, or books because none of those are considered scholarly for this purpose. 
4) Identify the topics in the area of computer applications in the field of criminal justice that you want to further explore. 
5) Be sure to include a justification about why these additional topics are relevant and worthy of exploration. 
6) Remember that you must cite and reference (in APA style) any material that has influenced your thoughts concerning the further exploration of these topics. 
7) Locate three current research-based articles that address those new things that you learned in this unit or the future things you want to learn related to computer applications in the field of criminal justice. These articles should be no more than seven years old. 
8) Provide a summary of the key points addressed in each of the articles you have identified. 
9) For these current articles, address how you anticipate such topics will shape or develop as integral parts of the field. 
This body of this assignment should be eight double-spaced pages in length. In addition to those pages, the assignment should include a title page and reference page. The structure of this and the final submission is required to be in APA style.

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