For this assignment, you will again be writing about your fictitious company (XYZ Company Quality Pizza). In a two-page paper, using peer-reviewed research articles from an Online Library and the textbook as supporting documentation, address the following requirements. 

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1) Create a compensation program for the organization describing what components and allowances it will have. Of the six most common type of allowances, explain why you selected the one(s) that you did. 

2) Specifically address which of the three main compensation approaches the organization will use and why you chose that approach over the others. 

3) Identify the mechanism(s) the organization will use to ensure the compensation structure remains current and competitive. 

4) Identify any legal and taxation issues to consider. 

The paper should be APA-formatted using at least two peer-reviewed articles and the textbook as supporting documentation.


Dowling, P. J., Festing, M., & Engle, A. D., Sr. (2017). International human resource management (7th ed.). Hampshire, United Kingdom, : Cengage Learning.


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