Before answering this discussion question, conduct as much research as you can on a state of your choice and how much Homeland Security spending is done by that state. Begin your initial post by identifying the state that you have selected. Discuss where your state had focused the majority of their spending of Homeland Security Funds as of the date of this report and any issues raised on this site about your state. Critique the validity of any issues raised on the site about your state.
In your response post, please select a classmate that has critiqued a different state. In your response, compare the focus of your state’s spending with the other student’s state. You should also evaluate the validity of the issues highlighted for the other student’s state in your response.
Peer responses are to be no less than 150 words, will be challenging in nature (meaning no merely an agreement). Remember, you should conduct research (scholarly, peer-reviewed and authoritative) to help support your thoughts and claims.
                                                      CLASSMATE’S POST
In my state of Mississippi, Homeland Security has spent quite a bit of money toward the Task Force groups throughout the state. They have beefed up the specialized divisions like swift water and confined space. Swift-water has been one of the areas that have been neglected for several years. They now have spent money on getting more small boats for rescue operations in areas that needed it the most. There have been also grants for getting people certified in those areas as well. Most of the classes are free to attend but your department would still have to give you the time off to attend. So money is still being spent by the department for you to attend for your food and travel.
           I was looking to see what the State itself has spent or what was proposed, but I was not able to find out exactly a dollar amount would have been. The only thing that was showing was the total projected amount as a whole at the federal levels.  Also, Homeland Security has spent several thousands of dollars on a drone program to help assist with assessments in different areas throughout the state. This is one resource that needed to be done. Most of everyone who is flying a drone was required to get their FAA Part 107 license. Homeland Security has spent money with getting better equipment to do some of the damage assessments with the help from the State EMA office. They have been going around to the different counties getting people certified and trained on getting a better idea of what’s required to collect reports from flooding or from major incidents that would happen within the state.  
           Most people probably do not realize what is all involved from DHS and how some of the funding is set. They may hear about a certain task force group getting deployed to help assist with a hurricane or a tornado in different states. The last couple of times, it has been about flooding from the rains and the snow melting from up north with is moving south. 

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