A Fusion of Past and Present

Vacations are always a treat for everybody. For families, it means spending more than the usual time with each other, creating memories, having fun and blocking the rest of society out. It is in these rare times, when everybody is relaxed and optimistic that family members get to know the real people behind their Dads, Moms, Brothers and Sisters.

Not everyone can indulge in vacations and others may see it as an irrelevant expense, instead of a necessity. We often take it for granted but it is amazing how much good a simple vacation could do to a family who is under stress, and is caught up in their everyday routines.

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A Fusion of Past and Present
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In fact, according to several independent studies published at Stress.About.com, vacations help one become more creative, as vacations are usually a time to get to know one’s self better. These studies also suggest that people who take more vacations are less likely to experience burnouts from little everyday stresses from work, marital life, and family life which could ultimately lead to a better way of life and an increase in the quality of work in one’s job.
According to Barbara Fiese, a professor of Psychology at Syracruse University, vacations actually make you and your children healthier because they alleviate stress that builds up every day. Fiese also suggests that the amount of money you spend on vacations is not directly proportional to the health benefits you get, and adds that the silly songs you sing in the car, or those funny accidents you experience during a trip out of town are the things that make your vacation more unique, enjoyable and ultimately a lighter, happier experience.
I think vacations are to be encouraged to everyone who has growing children, because they not only make for great memories, relieve the stress brought about by everyday life, and give a chance for family members to bond; but they also give you a place to find your inner child, which is definitely one of the best stress busters one could have.


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