A essay about my interview

This is a assigment for History class. 

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A essay about my interview
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In this assigment, I need a essay about my interview in 500 words


You need to listen the audio frist, and then write an essay. 


The file is 182.12MB, so I cannot attatch in here, I already upload to my google drive. 


If you make sure you can help me get 100%-90% in this assigment, please send me your email, I will share the file to you. You just click the address, and download the video. 


It is a video about history of Philadelphia. You have to 100% American, also you have to good at history class


You need to write this essay in MLA style, also you must make sure you need to do good job and you cannot 






1) In this essay, write a 500 word summary of the oral history interview conducted earlier this semester.  Come up with a list of important keywords that would interest someone in listening to the oral history interview you created.  Submit the assignment.





2) Update the oral history interview you conducted with important keywords that you created.  Include a few important sentences from your 500 word summary in the description area.  Do this by logging into your account on the StoryCorps.me website using a desktop computer.  Do not do this using the app on your phone as it may delete the interview; you must access the StoryCorps.me website from a traditional web browser.


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