A Day of My Life

It was a fine morning, soothing breezes were moving at a sluggish pace, and clouds filled the sky like slowly dissipating smoke after a huge explosion. I was driving my car at a speed of 40 mph.

This beautiful scenario had restricted my adrenaline rush and I didn’t feel like hitting the accelerator. I just wanted to make the most of this beautiful time. I turned the radio on and fortunately a soothing melody hit my ears. All these factors were quite unusual for the place where I lived. Weather here was usually quite hot and irritating.

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A Day of My Life
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Suddenly I realized I was getting late, I had promised my parents to be at the venue in time. But it seemed like once again I was going to miss the party. This thought brought out all my childhood memories in the foreground, all the time I had spent with my parents, all the love, all the care I had enjoyed.
That unconditional love is very rare in this world; I realized this fact when I moved away from my parents. Everyone, at some point or the other, has to take some important decisions regarding his life. I did the same. I wanted to be an independent, self-reliant person and for that I had to make the most of any opportunity that knocked my door. Unfortunately the job offer I got was for another city, almost 250 miles away from where I actually lived with my parents. So I had to move away, rather unwillingly.
It started drizzling and those droplets like diamonds started to fall on the windscreen. This was quite significantly positive addition to the beauty of the current scenario. This light rain reminded me of all the time I had enjoyed in the rain with my mom and dad. They knew I loved rain so much, it made me so happy.
And just for the sake of my happiness, they used to take me out to my favorite places whenever the weather was nice. I still remember the time when I was in school and my mom used to wake me up every morning. Her face was the first thing I used to see every morning, and no doubt, my days went great. My dad used to drop me off to school every morning. He never leaved unless I waved my hand from the edge of the main gate of the school.
These memories were making me feel good and equally sad. I just couldn’t wait till the moment I saw my parents again. I accelerated the speed a little. I was only 15 miles away from home now. It breathed a new life in me, as soon as I entered the limits of the area. Everything seemed so familiar, so known and strangely fascinating. I could relate to almost everything I saw.
These shops, these buildings, these parks, these malls, everything reminded me of the time I had spend here. I suddenly saw a restaurant where I used to eat every Friday with my friends and then at walking distance was the theater where we used to come for movies after dinner at that restaurant. It all reminded me of the time I had spent with my classmates and friends, the parties we used to have, the little fights we had and then the childish patch-ups. It all sounded quite funny now.
I was driving quite slowly once again. My surroundings fascinated me to the level that is hard to be described in words. The road was quite straight with so much of green on both sides of it; I had a memory of this road. Then I realized that this was where my school had been. It had changed quite so much, it was not that green back then.
I saw the building of my school which had not changed at all, the main gate, the parks, the windows; everything had some memories attributed with it. I still remember how much I loved my school, may be because of my classmates. I loved being with my friends. I remember those never ending conversations we used to have, regarding movies, music, TV shows, food, new trends in fashion and so much more. All this was playing like a distant echo in my head.
I could now see the block where my house was, my destination. My heart throbbed at the thought of seeing my parents and luckily some of my friends again. What I felt at that moment was a mix of excitement and gloom. Both were for the same reason, I was going to see them after a long time.


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