A Corner of the Universe Essay

“He was called lots of names. And that was one of the things that made it hard to be Adam. Hattie (pig. 177) Like I said sooner or lat r friendships will be made, and new memories will be made. All through the book Hatter’s grandparents were always trying to live in this little “perfect life”, but as we know life isn’t perfect, and with life comes challenge gees and their challenge was dealing with Adam. Dealing with Adam is tough because h e was mentally disabled, and also when others would pick on Adam or things would NT go his way he’d get upset, and this would somehow ruin the routine Of his parent’s ” perfect lives”. One quote that states this is, “Maybe Nana and Papa think he doesn’t fit in there.
Certainly, he is not part of the perfect world Nana has worked so hard to cream et. ” Hattie (pig. 34) This quote means that even if Adam is their son he isn’t “perfect t”. At first this does bother Adam, but then he realizes that he has Hattie and Leila (Leila sis character met further on in the book) and he is fine with that. When you look back at all the things you have done with your friends all that is there is memories of your past that you have shared together. In the b ask “A Corner of the Universe”, Adam, Hattie, and Leila have an “adventure” with one another.
The quote that states that is, “Oh, Oh, what an adventure, Hattie Owen! An ad Venture indeed. (pig. 127) Adam is overjoyed about the “adventure” he is going to have with Hattie and Leila, he can’t wait. With our friends we share experiences that can never be replaced that is why friendships hold such a precious value. Overall friendships hold a value like no other, that even gold’s value is nothing when compared to a long lasting closeness. With friendships people h eave experiences, just like Adam did with Hattie and Leila. Also with that pact you f arm a bond that can never be broken.

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A Corner of the Universe Essay
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