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# 9 Discussion 1 due 8/31/2019 – $15.00

Psychopharmacology With Children and Adolescents

Even though counselors cannot prescribe medications, they are regularly consulted by clients or a client’s family members about the use of medications. This discussion is designed to help you consider some of the issues you may want to address with a parent or guardian of a child or adolescent who is prescribed a psychotropic medication. To develop your response, review the readings and any other resources you have identified.

For this discussion, consider the following questions.

· What are some of the main things you would want to include in a conversation with the parents or guardians of a child or adolescent who is prescribed a psychotropic medication?

· What is important for you to know about the medication itself?

· When might it be necessary to consult with the prescribing doctor? How would you reach out to the doctor?

Your initial post and responses are expected to be substantive in nature and to reference the assigned readings, as well as other theoretical, empirical, or professional literature to support your views and writings. Cite and reference your sources using standard APA guidelines.


· Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

· Psychopharmacology and Mental Health Practice: An Important Alliance.

· Client, Counselor, Prescriber.

· APA Style and Format.


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