8ps of Services Marketing

Assignment Of Services Marketing Topic Develop 8Ps of Services marketing for any new service Submitted To Mr. Selman Rabbani Submitted By Syeda Sahar Fatima Kanza Khurshid MBA 6(A) Registration # 20381 and 20351 Bahria University Karachi Campus Dated 24-10-2012 THE FLAGENCE JEWEL INN (BRIDAL JEWELLERY ON RENT) Following are the 8Ps of services marketing for this new Service. In which we provide service of all types of Silver and Imitation Bridal jewellery including necklaces, ear rings, Bengals, bracelets, anklets, rings, chains, tika, jhomer and nath. Our target market is upper middle, middle and lower middle class of society. . PRODUCT ELEMENT: * Matching & designer bridal jewellery according to latest fashion. * Matching bridal jewellery according to traditional and cultural taste & demand. * We also have jewellery looking very comprehensive but have very light feeling after wearing it, as it made up of very delicate material. * Also cause no side effects for allergic peoples. 2. PLACE & TIME: * We have our outlets in all major cities of Pakistan. * Bookings can also be done on phone calls. * Our outlets are open from 12:00 noon to midnight. * Safely home deliveries. 3. PRICE: We are using penetrating pricing strategies, 4000 per day function without any further alteration and 4500 with alteration. * Tasty refreshments for our customers. * Individual attention for each customer by sales representatives to reduce their time cost. * Availability of baby chairs. * Special discounted packages for all three days of wedding. 4. PROMOTION AND EDUCATION: * We mostly use the print advertisements in weekly & monthly fashion and general magazines. * Pena-flexes in Shopping Malls and bill boards on busy roads of major cities of Pakistan. * Page on social media and have websites too. Private Cable T. V ads. * For our brand strengthening we establish some business partnering relationships with THE DEVAAS (the bridal dresses on rent outlet) and leading bridal boutiques. 5. PROCESSES: * We make sure that evaluation or feedback card must be filled by each customer while they are leaving the outlet. * We have well trained sales representatives to excellently deal with customers. * Our rent paying system is like this: we ask Rs. 1000 on without alteration jewellery and Rs. 2000 on altered jewellery more, which is refundable when customers return back the jewellery. While on home deliveries this amount is increased by 10% on each type. 6. PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: * The glass walls appearance with decent bright lightening enhance the name and outlook of outlets. * Air fresheners and hanging T. Vs are placed on walls to make the inner atmosphere fresh, pleasant and enjoying. * Outlets are centrally air-conditioned. * Proper clean and shiny glass counters are available. * Maximum space is available in outlets to at-least deal with 08 to 10 customers at a time. * Comfortable & smart looking form chairs and besides lying sofas are placed to sit. . PEOPLE: * We have representatives, who are very active, hardworking and friendly also welcoming & dealing customers with very positive gestures and postures. 8. PRODUCTIVITY AND QUALITY: * We keep quality by purchasing that kind of jewellery for rent which is according to accurate demand of customers and made up of material which is totally un-harming and delicate in nature. * We have customer oriented environment and have completely helping sales peoples. * We provide memorable, enjoying & pleasant experience of shopping and of visiting our outlets.

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8ps of Services Marketing
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