750w on 3 writing prompts from woodland story

Journals (750 words) 
(Journals will be double-spaced in a standard 12-point font such as Times New Roman. Please save as a Word document.) 
The Journals are a place to try out ideas about the texts and theories we are covering this semester, and to build your writing about literature skills. 
You may be less formal in tone in these entries than called for in the papers, but you will still be evaluated on language use. Strive to express yourselves correctly, but also to craft sentences that are clear and stylish. 
Be sure to refer to specific parts of the texts as you make points.
The 3 prompts from  Wolfland.pdf (attached):
1. “At what point do you realize the truth about Anna’s history and her intentions for Lisel? Are there hints early in the story that a rereading would reveal?”  
2. “Consider Lisel’s reactions to the wolves she hears and meets throughout the story.  What do these reactions tell us about Lisel’s character?”
3. “Lisel’s responses to her situation seem in part determined by her reading of romance novels.  Why do you think Lee (the author) makes romance reading one of Lisel’s hobbies?” 
Put the prompt question at the top of the entry. Please start a new page for each entry, but keep the set as a single document. Your total journal entry will be approx. 750 words; however, you may find some prompts do not need 250 words. This is fine – do not pad your responses – but your other responses should then be longer.

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750w on 3 writing prompts from woodland story
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