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Pass on the Left:

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Description: You will need to read a chapter from the book Habitudes (provided to you). This specific book focuses on The Art of Navigating Transitions. Review the picture from the article given to you, titled Pass on the Left. Read the chapter and complete the reflection questions provided to you. Your reflection must gave the following criteria to be considered complete: three (3) pages, 12-point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, and emailed to the Investigating Hearing Officer on the set due date. Upon completion of reading the chapter provided, complete your reflection utilizing the following questions:

Think of 3 people who are close to you and answer the following questions:

Do I feel better after spending time with them?

Do they bring out the best in me? Are they a positive influence?

When I haven’t been in touch, how do I feel?

Do we both make an effort?

Do they Celebrate my success?

We live in a very “social” world. How is it that people often fail to be good at friendships?

Can you recall a time when you and a friend went separate ways? How did you handle it?

Why is it important to not burn bridges with others? Can you recall a time you didn’t burn a bridge and later were glad you didn’t?

Complete the self-assessment provided to you within the chapter. Did anything surprise you? Why or why not? In addition to the reflection questions and assessment, please review the exercise provided within the chapter. Chose three (3) relationships in your life and place them in one of the scenarios 1) A relationship you let go of, but not well or 2) A relationship you have not let go of, but where you should now “pass of the left”. How will you respond to these relationships moving forward?


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