7.3 Time Management – Work File

Name: ____ Date: ____ School: ____ Facilitator: ____
7. 3 Time Management – Work File Read the course resources in order to complete the following tasks. Read the following quotations. In your own words, explain what each quotation means. (10 points each)
1. “The amount of time available to you never changes. ” ____

2. “Learning to manage time is an investment in the future. ” ____
3. “Before you plan how you will use your time, you need to set your priorities. ” ____
Using Course Resources answer the following questions. (10 points each)
4. Discuss the three ways time is wasted and how this can be avoided. a. ____ b. ____ c. ____
5. What are the 4 keys to time management? a. ____ b. ____ c. ____ d. ____
6. Choose one of the keys to time management and discuss how you can apply it to your daily schedule. ____
7. Discuss whether or not writing a list and keeping a calendar would make you more efficient and productive. Why or why not? ____
Setting priorities:
Fill in the chart below with at least three tasks in each column. First, set the priority of the task by assigning the highest priority task in each column with the number 1 and work down to the least important of the tasks being number 3. Write a time schedule along with the priority of the task. (10 points each)
Ex. 1. Finish health assignments-3:30 PM ____

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7.3 Time Management – Work File
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Turn in additional health assignments-4:30 PM ____?
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