Read the 2 case scenarios..they are attached.

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Choose one of the two conflict scenarios (interpersonal and group to group) and use your conflict resolution model developed previously. This is attached. This will help you:

  • Summarize what is happening in the scenario.
  • Identify who appears to have the power and ability to influence others’ decisions or actions.
  • Identify the level or depth of the conflict.

Then, use the conflict resolution model  to help you diagnose the makeup of the conflict and the prognosis. 

Use the attached self assessment to describe what you would do or attempt to do as a strategy toward resolution of this conflict. Address your assumptions, the contingencies, and how your self-assessment information will influence the strategy.

Your analysis should include information regarding all the points above and your recommended strategy to help resolve each conflict. Support your analyses and recommendations with course material, textbook, and independent scholarly research.

All written assignments and responses should follow current APA rules for attributing sources and formatting.

Your final product will be a Microsoft Word document, approximately 3–4 pages long, utilizing two to three scholarly sources.


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