6 pages please see attachment for notes

Preliminary Investigation Report /System Requirements
Title: Preliminary Investigation and System Requirements (total of 4-8 pages)
 A Preliminary Investigation and System Requirements for your proposal will be due at the end of Week 4. This is normally two different documents but due to the length of the course we will combine them.
Please use the template below as it lists the parts that are graded
General Information                         50
  Company profile
 Business situation
 Problem or Opportunity
 Project Scope and Constraints
 Perform Fact-Finding
 Copy of a survey or interview questions.
 Diagram current processes. 
Requirements                                   40
List of Requirements
General Format and Grammar                    10
All components of the double spaced paper must have one inch margins (left, right, top and bottom) and be written in 11 or 12 pitch, Arial or Times New Roman font. 6 pages in length

Submission Instructions:
Your completed proposal must be submitted as ONE MS word attachment to this assignment no later than Sunday 11:55 PM Eastern Time. Do not submit multiple parts. I will grade only one

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6 pages please see attachment for notes
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