6 pages bio

Our goal is to transform our school classroom according to bionics.

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6 pages bio
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The bibliography is the last part of the article

In the final paper, you will research and critically evaluate biomimetic design methodologies, how to identify the functional challenges within a design challenge statement and how to abstract design principles from these natural models to apply to their design solution concepts. Criteria and strategies for research will be assigned and discussed in class. Evidence of research will include a bibliography and summary of relevant findings. Typically, the subsequent critical analysis and interpretation will be in the form of a paper. The overall length of the entire assignment is six pages, plus title page and bibliography. Bibliography will be in MLA style. A statement of intent, summary of research and bibliography always accompanies a project. Acceptable projects are those, which are useful as demonstrations in an LAS educational context. All written work must be in 12-point font, double-spaced with one-inch margins, with a single cover sheet on which you will provide the title, your name and course description. Work not confirming these standards will loose points. Papers/projects without a bibliography automatically fail. A one-page statement of intent (description of topic, relevance, and these statement) and the bibliography will be due two weeks before the actual paper is due. The final paper and the statement of intent are to be uploaded onto O-space (‘submissions’ tab of the course). Hardcopies are no longer accepted.


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