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  1. Exemplary Leadership
    1. Select one of the principles (chapters) from the Kouzes and Posner text. In a 3 page paper:
      1. Describe the principle you selected. Why is it so important?
      2. Properly cite a relevant passage from the text that reinforces your description.
  • Provide a Bible verse or quote that supports the importance and value of this principle (you may choose to include multiple relevant verses/quotes).
  1. Primary Focus: How will you, as a leader, implement this principle in your everyday life? How will modeling this principle allow you to have a greater and more positive impact on individuals and organizations? What obstacles do you foresee facing in implementing this principle? How will you overcome them? Identify someone in your life who you respect as a leader. How can they help mentor you along your leadership development journey? Be specific.

Principal 1

 Model the Way

 “The first step a leader must take along the path to becoming an exemplary leader is inward. It’s a step toward discovering personal values and beliefs. Leaders must find their voice. They must discover a set of principles that guide decisions and actions. They must find a way to express a leadership philosophy in their own words and not in someone else’s. Yet leaders don’t just speak for themselves. They also speak for their team and organization. Leadership is a dialogue, not a monologue. Therefore, leaders must reach out to others. They must understand and appreciate the values of their constituents and find a way to affirm shared values. Leaders forge unity. They don’t force it. They give people reasons to care, not simply orders to follow. Leaders stand up for their beliefs. They practice what they preach. They show others by their actions that they live by the values they profess. They also ensure that others adhere to the values that have been agreed on. It is consistency between words and actions that builds credibility”


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