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Directions: Read each question carefully. Answer each question thoroughly and comprehensively with essential details, examples, and appropriate grammar, punctuation and spelling. Some questions have multiple components and ALL parts must be answered to earn full credit.(ONLY USE CHAPTERS OF THE BOOK PROVIDED TO ANSWER THE QUEATIONS)

Chapter 9

Key Concepts in Understanding Motor Disabilities:

· Explain the role of the Individual Educational Plan team and the related service providers in supporting students with motor disabilities and their participation in school. Do you think completing an IEP annually is helpful? Do you think that parents are active participants? Why or why not?

Chapter 10

Teaching Self-Care Skills:

· For students with severe disabilities, what are the targeted skills that may be needed to learn self-care? How are these skills unique to this population and what planning would be required? Do you think most teachers have appropriate and necessary training to address self-care needs of special needs students? Why or why not?

Chapter 11

Promoting Social Competencies and Peer Relationships:

· What opportunities can a teacher provide to actively promote peer relationships for their students with severe disabilities? What strategies can a school implement to encourage social competencies for all students include students with severe disabilities? Do you think most school prioritize this? Why or why not?

Chapter 12

Teaching Communication Skills:

· Identify strategies for assessing communication needs of students with severe disabilities & provide examples of how assessment data leads to the identification of target behaviors for instruction. Describe examples of augmentative and alternative communication aids and techniques. What are the concerns with their use? Do you think they will negatively impact verbal language? Why or why not?

Chapter 13

Teaching Academic Skills:

· Identify and describe examples of functional academic skills. Identify and describe examples of conventional academic skills. What issues must the IEP team consider when determining if a student with severe disabilities will learn modified or standard curriculum skills? What impact may this have on the student? Is there an ideal age at which this determination must be made? Why or why not? 

Chapter 14

Building Skills for Home and Community:

· Describe the home skills needed to participate in daily family life and the strategies to teach them. Describe the community skills needed to participate in day to day routines. Do you think these skills are the responsibility of the school to teach? Why or why not?

Chapter 15

Transitioning from School to Employment: 

· Describe how a school can assist a student with severe disabilities with transitioning from school to post-secondary programs or employment. What unique challenges do students with severe disabilities have in this transition? Why do you think a small percent of students with disabilities are employed and identify possible adult outcomes? Do you think progress is being made? Why or why not?


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