500 words Article

To finish our first unit on observation and articulation, every student will write observe (first hand) a piece, collection, exhibit, or building and write a review. Assume you are writing for a journal, to be read by both academics and designers. Choose something small enough to cover in a short article, but substantive enough to write densely about (an exhibit rather than a collection museum). You may review work being done here in the program if you wish to.
– Approximately 500 words
– Must include an abstract of 50 words or less, an image both in a file with your name posted here with open sharing, and the review posted as a google doc here. If you prefer not to share your full document with the class, set the sharing settings accordingly.
– Describe: give a thorough description, including size, materials, location, ownership
– Background: give relevant background information, on the work and the designer
– Contextualize: consider the following questions (not every review needs all of them)
– How does this work sit in the larger career of the designer?
– How is this work similar to or a departure from their usual form?
– Who else is making work like this?
– How does this work compare? Is is better? Is it worse?
– Use: who is the ideal user/viewer?
– How does the work describe the user?
– Argument: for, against, with qualifiers, or suggestions for improvement 

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500 words Article
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