4 Questions

1. In your opinion, what are some indicators of a good leader? Why are these indicators important to you?

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4 Questions
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2. Create a mission and vision statement of your dream organization. What strategies would you use to communicate this statement to your employees? How would you know that your employees are engaged with the mission and vision of the organization?


3. Based on your experience, what are the leadership traits that bring out the best in the people around you? Why do you think these leadership traits work well with the people around you? Support your answer with leadership theories from the Leadership in Organizations textbook.

Please use this reference : Robbins, S., & Judge, T.A. (2013). Organizational behavior (15th ed.). Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.


4. People buy in to the leader first, then the vision. If they do not like the leader but like the vision, they get a new leader. If they do not like the leader or the vision, they get a new leader. If they do not like the vision but like the leader, they get a new vision. What strategies do you follow for your group to like you and buy into your vision?


No more than 150 words for each question – reference please

Due Date 4/17/15








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