350 word response/discussion question

Chapter 4 of the text reviewed risk factors for caregiver burnout. It then discussed how caregiver burnout increases risks to the elderly. Noting these risks factors to both caregiver and recipient answer the following questions.

In the readings it discussed the obstacles to providing care to elderly patients outside of a caregiver. List two programming alternatives to elderly care and show how one of these programs could be altered to increase access for the elderly population.
Examine resources to offer caregivers and provide an analysis of two of these resources related to how they would be obtained and utilized by families caring for elderly members.
Examine interventions to offer caregivers and elderly relatives and provide an analysis of one of these interventions related to how they would be accepted to the program, and how the intervention would be utilized by families caring for elderly members.

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350 word response/discussion question
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Next, evaluate national policy for services to the elderly and create a plan to ensure referrals are made to correct programming for elders in need of care.


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