3 short argumentative essays (200-400 words) which should include the following:

Whether should be free for all citizens?

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3 short argumentative essays (200-400 words) which should include the following:
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whether torture is ever acceptable ?

whether animals should ever be used for scientific research

Implement the 6 steps in the writing of the essay

 Step 1: Outline your argument. 

Match the conclusion with the issue. State the premises and conclusion as claims. Choose premises that are clearly relevant to the conclusion. 

Step 2: Introduce your argument. 

Grab the reader’s attention. Identify the issue, and set out the context. Clearly state your conclusion. Summarize your premises. 

Step 3: Support your conclusion. 

Identify each of the main premises, and state each as a claim. Provide reasons, evidence, and/or examples that support each premise. 

Step 4: Consider objections. 

Accurately represent the strongest point(s) against your view. Honestly appraise how your argument accommodates the objection(s). 

Step 5: Summarize your argument.

Repeat your main conclusion. Restate your main premises in the same order in which they appear, but using different language. Suggest one important larger implication of your argument. 

Step 6: Cite your sources. 

Choose credible sources. Give full and detailed credit for others’ ideas to avoid plagiarism.


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