3-Minute Research Report #1

Horticultural Therapy / Therapeutic Horticulture Program Description

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3-Minute Research Report #1
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In this 3-Minute Research Report you will report on a horticultural therapy or therapeutic horticulture program. You can report on a program that you find through the internet or one that you know of in your community. If possible, include photos of the program and space.

You will present your report with a short narrated PowerPoint presentation you must cover the items below in a clear, concise manner in 3 minutes. Here are instructions for creating a narrated PowerPoint. (Links to an external site.)

The following things should be in your report:

Program introduction to include:

  • Your name
  • HT / TH program name
  • Location (facility & city)
  • Source of information (provide complete information)
  • Date program started

Short description of program to include:

  • Client population
  • Program type (HT or TH)
  • Program approach (vocational, therapeutic, social)
  • Program setting (garden, greenhouse, multi-purpose room)
  • Program leader (HT, RT, other)

Three interesting facts and/or successes of program:




One limitation of program:


** make your summary brief but concise!                       

**Click below for examples of reports

SYT Research Report ExamplePlay media comment.

LD Research Report ExamplePlay media comment.


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