2 peer responses – due in 5 hours

DUE IN 5 hours 

2 Peer Responses: Review several of your classmates’ posts. Provide a substantive response to at least three of your peers in a minimum of 300 words (each reply), by Day 7 (Monday).

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2 peer responses – due in 5 hours
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Can you identify other theoretically or empirically supported means of enhancing attraction or reducing antisocial behavior/increasing prosocial behavior?
Can you apply additional theoretical principles to the chosen relationship/scenario?
Do your personal experiences (with regard to relationships and pro/antisocial behavior) mirror theoretical predictions?

1st student: 
The show that I have chosen for this discussion is This Is Us. It’s a very popular television show that tells the store of triplets and their parents. The show bounces back and forth throughout the episodes from the triplets being children, to teens, to adults. It tells their life story and intertwines all phases of their life into a beautiful story that will likely leave you in tears every episode. Two of the triplets are twins and the other is adopted. 
For this assignment, I will focus on the relationship between the twins, Kate and Kevin. Their bond is very strong and unique, they are extremely committed to one another with a strong bond of intimacy, making it a compassionate love. (Feenstra, 2013) In the show, the third triplet is a different nationality than the twins and they aren’t quite as connected with him. Perhaps because there’s no “blood” connection, however, it’s a good example of the matching hypothesis, showing that we are more naturally connected with people similar to us. (Feenstra, 2013) 
Kevin is a famous movie actor and Kate is a wife and new mom. Kate struggles with her weight and health, and just gave birth to a baby boy who has a disability, while Kevin struggles with addiction and is on a journey of his own trying his best to remain focused on his sobriety. An example of prosocial behavior is in the most recent episode, Kevin gives up a very big movie role/opportunity to stay close to his nephew who is only 4 months old. Wanting to help Kate (and her husband Toby) with his nephew is Kevin’s instrumental goal. His ultimate goal is to remain sober and not get carried away in the “Hollywood” scene and jeopardize his sobriety. Kevin’s goal of staying sober is egoistic because his ultimate goal is to benefit himself and his future to serve more of a purpose in life. (Feenstra, 2013)
Feenstra, J. (2013). Social psychology. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/

2nd student:

Hi Class,
That 70s Show is about a Wisconsin suburban family. The Forman’s, Eric (Son), Laurie (Sister), Red (Father), Kitty (Mother), and various friends of Eric Forman. The Show revolves the life of Eric and his friends. However, the relationship between father and son has a strong presence. 
The relationship I chose to interpret is between Red Forman (Father) tells Eric Forman (Son). The factor in attraction is the mere exposure effect. According to Feenstra (2013), is having constant contact or exposure to another person as often as possible (2013). Yes, Red is Eric’s father; they live together and see each other daily. The exposure is inevitable whether this type of exposure is positive or negative depends on the kind of love.
The type of love portrayed between Red and Eric is companionate love. In the text, Feenstra (2013) stated, “Companionate love is characterized by deep caring for another person, comfort and trust, and the enjoyment of shared experiences” (Feenstra, 2103). When watching the show, it seems that Red and Eric’s relationship is more complicated. Red does not outwardly show ‘enjoyment of share experiences’ all the time and mostly indicates disappointment. However, Eric and Red have quick banter, a few shared laughs or dislikes of things, and trust in each other.
Red Forman (Father) tells Eric Forman (Son) that he loves him. The reaction taken by Eric is the result of years of criticism and belittlement given by Red. Red is hard on Eric and has certain expectations for his son; however, he feels that Eric is a dumbass. Not only is there verbal abuse, but there are also looks of disappoints and threats of getting a foot up his ass. In this scenario, Red tells Eric he loves him after Eric brings him the morning newspaper. Eric was utterly confused. When Eric confronted his mother, she was in shock. Red has never told Eric who is 17-years-old that he loved him. Eric contemplated how he would tell his father that he reciprocates the feeling but is unable to express the words. Kitty (Mother) finds out that Red had oral surgery that day and was under the influence of medication. Red had no recollection of the whole day after surgery. When Eric walked in to confess his love, Eric’s mother tried to stop but failed. Eric blurted out that he loved his dad. Red responded in dismay and shouted at Eric to go to his room.
As parents, we love our children. Children are supposed to have a place of trust, intimacy, and caring in a loving home. In the article, Love: What it is, why does it matter, and how does it operate? Expressed “…interactions in which partners are perceived to be responsive to each other’s needs and fulfill attachment-related functions, such as providing a secure base and a safe haven when distress occurs, and are perceived as understanding and valuing of the self” (Reis, T., 2008). Red does love Eric but chooses and aggressive way or for Red a ‘tough love’ strategy to get Eric to be motivated to make something out of life.
For the period of this Show, the Vietnam War has ended, and there were still feelings of hostility between veterans and radicals. Conservatives versus Liberals were high in political debates ‘Make Love, not War’ still holding massive in the news. Red Forman fought for the United States to feel like the next generation is slapping him in the face. When it comes to how easily the younger generation enjoys the freedom that Red and others like him fought to keep.
Red loves Eric through tough love. In the text, Feenstra (2013) explained, “The evolutionary theory suggests we help to promote our genes” (Feenstra, 2013). Red wants Eric not to be a ‘dumbass.’ Red feels that he points out all the stuff he does wrong that Eric would rectify and turn things around.
Kitty wants to encourage a relationship between her husband and son. Kitty feels it’s out of her hands though she tries to push each one to show compassion for each other. However, the 70s were the time of change, and both parents are working. The nuclear family was changing, but people’s attitudes about the dynamics of a family were not evolving as fast as the necessity for duel working households.
Feenstra, J. (2013). Social psychology. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/
Reis, H. T., & Aron, A. (2008). Love: What it is, why does it matter, and how does it operate? Perspectives on Psychological Science, 3(1), 80–86. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1745-6916.2008.00065.x


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