15 assignment 7a Dollars & Dentists

These questions require you to not only reflect on the video, but also think and identify the moral and/or ethical dilemmas presented in the video.
Respond to the following questions: 
What are the key issues presented in this video?

Corporate business models – equity backed firms

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15 assignment 7a Dollars & Dentists
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How have the issues been expressed by each side? Describe the behavior of the players on each side of the issue and identify the ethical dilemmas related to their situation..
What seems to be motivating this behavior? (greed, altruism,  politics, laws, policies, behavior. etc.).
Take a stand and identify any ethical concerns about their position that you find unacceptable.
What do you think the key players should have do to help resolve the dental crisis?  When possible USE DATA to support your position.
What would you do if you found yourself in a profession facing a similar circumstance? (consider both sides) What values do you possess to inform your choice?
Describe some of the ethical principles that relate back to this course?


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