1200-1500 word essay on any infomercial


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1200-1500 word essay on any infomercial
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We live in a world of persuasion. We are often bombarded with all different types of persuasive messages. While one message is trying to convince us that one point of view is the correct way the other is trying to influence us that a certain product is better than another. These messages can have a mathematical basis. These messages can be written in the logic statement form; If . . . then, or If . . .  and only if . . . then, and If . . . and/or . . . then statements. 

You are to analyze several persuasive messages using mathematical logic

Look at various infomercials, television advertisements, political endorsements, and etcetera. What type of logic statements do you observe being stated? What is the negation of the claim? What would it look like if you tested the statement using a truth table? Is the claim tautological? Is the claim valid or a fallacy?

A research report paper of at least 1,200 words but no more than1,500 will describe and evaluate your selected persuasive messages. Discuss how mathematical logic statements could be used to analyze the statements and claims made in these persuasive messages. Illustrate negations of each logicstatement. You may want to construct a truth table demonstrating your findings.

This assignment will be weighted as a test and is to be submitted electronically as well as in hard copy form on or before November 10, 2015The MLA citing format is to be used. If you have any questions, contact me via email.


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