100 words due in 20 minutes. Respond to a discusion question post by a fellow student.

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100 words due in 20 minutes. Respond to a discusion question post by a fellow student.
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1.    Give us your review of the eBook, eLectures, and Animated Example Exercises. Tell us the pros and cons of these items.


The eBook is very well organized and easy to follow. It is divided by chapter so you can view the content that is pertinent for the lesson you are working on. The eBook has a nice reader format and allows you to navigate between topics. It also provides a glossary and the ability to view the definitions of important terms within the text. The best feature of the eBook is that it provides the ability to highlight the text and take notes on the reading in Evernote. The eLectures provide a PowerPoint presentation that covers the topics within the chapters of the eBook. This format is very helpful as it takes you step by step through the content in the text. The presentations can also be downloaded, which I found extremely helpful for working and studying offline. The Animated Example Exercises provide a presentation of the examples in the eBook. This format gives you a step by step walk through of solving the example problems from the textbook. These presentations can also be downloaded for studying offline. The only negative that I have found is that there is no function available within the eBook or videos where you can practice on the sample problems outside of the graded homework. You will have to leverage some of the other tools for this.


2. From the remaining tools (Flashcards, Glossary, Crossword Puzzle, Accounting Games, Beat the Clock, Quiz Bowl, MindTap Video) pick the ones that you think will help you the most in this class and give a description of the tool(s) and tell us why you think it will be helpful.


I believe both the Flashcards and Glossary are very helpful study tools for me. The Flashcards I do not prefer games as a study tool, but may try them. Since my preference is to practice with the sample problems provided in the book, the tools that I found most helpful are Excel Templates and Working Papers. The Excel Templates are spreadsheets for completing the Problem Series from the chapter. They contain formatting that indicates when you have provided an incorrect answer. The Working Papers are worksheets for completing the example exercises for the chapter. Both of these tools are helpful for me to practice problems from the text to gain a comfort level before starting any graded work.



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