1 page assignment cjE

Please view the provided article links. 

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1 page assignment cjE
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Provide an ethical analysis of the articles. You may assume the role of a warden considering gender relations in their prison or a citizen review board member. Either way, explain the implications of gender relations in the corrections system-ethical variables like transgender inmates/transgender corrections officers, cross-gender supervision, or same-sex supervision. 


This is an opportunity for me to see that you have developed the critical analysis skills to assess the ethical issues surrounding gender in corrections. It is a part of your “exam” for this section.


Remember the three stages of assessing an ethical dilemma: intuitive response, critical analysis, justification. Please make sure to address these steps. Indicate your intuitive response, critically assess the situation as it pertains to your position on gender relations and then justify your analysis.Be thorough and explanatory in your analysis as if addressing someone who does not understand the myriad of gender perspectives and potential issues in corrections. 


Minimum: 1 page, single spaced, 12pt font











due in 20 hours


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