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Use these 3 songs from this list. 

“In my dreams”(Ahrens and Flaherty- composer)

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“Betrayed” (Mel Brooks- composer)

“Make em Laugh” (Comden and Green -composer) 

 Background information that you find on the internet about the composer(s) including THREE different citations.  After you read the research material, rewrite it in your own words (or paraphrase). Any information that you cut and paste must be listed as a quotation, with correct punctuation. Only about 10% of this research material should be directly quoted. See below for tips regarding how to paraphrase. If the program includes multiple composers, pick three or four to research. It is not necessary to write about all of the composers. DO NOT WRITE ABOUT THE PERFORMERS. Look this up ahead of time if possible, or while you are writing the report (DO NOT USE INFORMATION FROM THE PROGRAM!) Use at least THREE different citations or sources. If the concert was the music of a single composer, you must find three different citations to use in your discussion of the composer. COPY AND PASTE THE URL FROM THE WEBSITE WHERE YOU FOUND THE INFORMATION INTO THE REPORT. THE URL MUST APPEAR IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING ANY INFORMATION YOU USE FROM THE WEBSITE, NOT AT THE END OF THE REPORT. I must be able to verify your information by using the URL, so be sure it is complete. (NOTE: Plagiarism is the use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work. In other words, using someone else’s material as your own is considered plagiarism and is a violation of the college academic honesty code and may result in a grade of zero.) – 20 points 


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